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Whether in a shopping mall, a fresh/natural food shop's display, or a wholesale portfolio, our unique gelato experience will tingle your customers' imagination and delight their tastebuds!


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Those who have tried it know that gelato is much more than just the Italian word for ice cream.
Its unique softness, freshness and flavour set it in a league of its own in the pantheon of frozen desserts. At Gelatology, we aim at faithfully replicating this Italian goodness, and bring its gorgeousness to the London food scene.

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Like bread, gelato tastes best right after it’s made. So keeping it in a freezer for days while it's transported and stored is no good. That’s why we make ours in house, in small batches, every day. Because that means we can serve it truly fresh, just the way it’s supposed to be.



Only natural ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers, get into our gelato. This means you know exactly what you're eating, and where it comes from. And because we serve our gelato fresh, there's no need for preservatives and weird chemicals to make it last longer.



We strictly follow the Italian canon, but we also experiment. We try new ingredients, combinations and textures in order to come up with unexpected flavours. The result? A gelato experience that will surprise you. And hopefully put a smile on your customers' face :)


The market for ice cream is changing.

Buyers are becoming increasingly discerning, demanding products that are not only flavoursome and nourishing but also produced ethically and giving back to the community. As a result, the popularity of Gelato and other small-batch artisan products grows year after year, while sales of industrialised ice cream decline.

Therefore, by adding a Gelato line to your outlet you will not only offering a product that is healthier and tastier, you will also follow a trend that shows no signs of abating anytime soon. So why not get in touch to find out what Gelatology can do to hype up your frozen dessert offering?



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The Sorrento Breeze... Oh my goodness, it is simply the best lemon sorbet I have ever had in my life! I am in love with this from the first bite!!
— CHANTEL ST LOUIS | Facebook Review:
I tried the Eat Your Greens today. It tasted amazing, so fresh and clean! I could do with a bucket of it again!!
— Hellen Goddard | Facebook Review:
My favourite is the Brioche & Nutella. So delicious, I could literally live off this goodness!
— Kristina Dimitrova | Blogger:

We can cater to all your gelato needs. If you want a trike offering the exciting flavours in your shopping mall or specialised grocery store display, we can do it. If you want to have exclusive bespoke flavours,  so that customers won't find them anywhere else, we can do it. And heck, we can even develop special dietary requirement flavours for you to provide exactly what your customers demand.

So go ahead and enter your details below. We will take care of the rest :)

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